BT5200 vs QT4011

BT5200 vs QT4011- A Side by Side Comparison of Two Popular Philips Trimmers

This has been a long time coming. A comparison of BT5200 vs QT4011, which I think are the two best-selling beard trimmers in India for different reasons. Before I get down to the specifics and break it down for you, let me tell you something.

I think Philips is the best in the business when it comes to trimmers in India.┬áThe Dutch brand provides different trimmer models at different price points to cater for different sections of people and their individualized needs. And that’s the secret to their soaring popularity in India. And a simple Google search validates the fact that Philips trimmers are the first choice for many Indian people who are looking to buy a beard trimmer for the first time.

That being said, let’s get into the details of this QT4011 and BT5200 comparison and find out which trimmer is better.

BT5200 vs QT4011: What are the Differences?

Length Settings1720There is not much to say about the difference in length settings, even though QT4011 has more length settings than BT5200.
Range0.4 mm to 10 mm0.5 mm to 10mm
Lowest Step Increment0.2 mm0.5 mmThis is where BT5200 scores over QT4011. The lowest setting possible is a quality to consider if you're looking for a trimmer that offers close trimming or well finished stubble look. With a step size increment of 0.2 mm, BT5200 seems to give you more options in that regard.
BladesStainless SteelFull Metal (Double sharpened)The difference in the make of blades don't translate to a different trimming experience. However, I think stainless steel blades might prove to be a touch more durable and resistant to rust than full metal blades in the long run.
Run Time60 min90 minClearly, QT4011 has an upper hand over BT5200 when it comes to run time.
Charging Time60 min60 minBoth trimmers are on par as far as charging time is concerned.
Oil PrimingNot requiredNot requiredBoth Philips trimmers are advertised as low maintenance grooming devices and as you can see there is no need to keep them primed with oil on a regular basis.
Guarantee2 Year Philips Warranty2 Year Philips WarrantyYou get to enjoy Philips trusted 2 year warranty with both devices. However, you may also register your purchase on the Philips India website to enjoy an extra 1 year warranty.
CombIntegrated hair combYesBoth trimmers come with an integrated hair comb attachment. However, BT5200 seems to provide a closer finish and better results in less number of passes. It's a great thing to consider if you are not a fan of going over a particular area of a beard more than once or twice.
Battery IndicatorYesYesIt's a tie. Philips has built in a good battery indicator technology into the device, so you know how much juice is left in the device.
BatteryNi-MHNi-MHPhilips swears by its Ni-MH battery for optimal performance. Both devices come packed with a Ni-MH battery.
Charge IndicationBlinking white light when charging

Blinking orange light when low on charge
Blinks green when charging

Blinks orange when low on charge

Green when fully charged
This is another area where there is nothing to separate between QT4011 and BT5200 trimmers. Overall, it's a nice and handy feature to have.
WashableFully washableAttachments and blade heads are washableBT5200 is marketed as a fully waterproof device whereas QT4011 on the other hand has certain parts that are washable. It all comes down to where and how you would like to use your trimmer. If you trim while in the shower, BT5200 might be a good pick. Otherwise QT4011 should do just okay.
Budget BuyNoYesIf you're thinking about making a purchase that is easy on the pocket, QT4011 is without doubt the winner here. At over three thousand rupees, BT5200 is definitely on the expensive side.
Year of Launch20152014If the year of launch matters anything to you, BT5200 is the device that was launched recently.
SeriesBeardtrimmer series 5000Beardtrimmer series 3000The series that each trimmer belongs to doesn't make much difference except for the fact that BT5200 has a few features that are more advanced than that of QT4011.
UseBoth Corded and CordlessBoth Corded and CordlessWe have another tie. Both devices can be used no matter whether they are corded or not.

So there you have it. That completes the comparison of some of the key features that I think you should consider when you are thinking which trimmer to buy: QT4011 vs BT5200.

Although both trimmers feature in the best Philips trimmers list on our website, there’s hardly any significant differences between the two. As someone who has used both devices for a considerable period of time, I prefer BT5200 over QT4011 mainly for its ease of use. Other than that, as was mentioned earlier, there is nothing much that differentiates between the two.


Here’s a link to the comparison list that I found useful during my research for this QT4011 versus BT5200 article.


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