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The Homeaholic is a list of the best things and gadgets for people who hate spending too much time figuring out what to buy.  It was founded in June 2016 and it is frequently updated with best lists, useful buying guides, and informative posts.

We only focus on presenting you with the things we love so you get to buy products that give you the best bang for your buck. The whole idea is to make it easier for you to shop some best products and get on with other things in your life.

The products we’ve picked here usually takes weeks of research and testing, including consumer surveys and useful information from some of the best sources available, and the help of experts. Most of the stuff we pick here aren’t high-end models that are overpriced or packed with bells and whistles and unnecessary features that you can’t benefit from. In fact, most of the products we’ve picked fall in an area where your needs and budget meet each other.

Finally, the products being reviewed and recommended here are the same things we’d recommend to our family and friends, and these are the same stuff we’d buy for ourselves.

My Story

Product reviews are fundamentally broken. Sure, they may be great at pointing out the the speed of a processing chip or the display resolution of a screen. Let’s face it, there’s a huge hole in evaluations of several products, from smartphones to televisions to computers.

Most of the product evaluations you see online simply neglect to mention anything about the quality of a particular company’s service, which becomes the most crucial factor of all when issues or questions related to the product flare up.

I learned this the hard way from an awkward experience with a LG phone that I bought a year or so ago. I’m no impulsive shopper and this definitely wasn’t a careless purchase. I spent some time researching different brands and the then best selling smartphones. Maybe I should have done better but it was not a good time for retrospection.

Exactly a year after I purchased it, as if on cue, the phone went kaput because of a digitizer failure. In a bid to claim warranty, I visited an authorized LG Service center and met up with an area service manager, who, over the course of six weeks, concluded that the reported issue was a manufacturing defect and responded nonchalantly that he could do nothing about it since the warranty had expired just a week ago.

At that instant, all that mattered was the ease and speed in which the LG electronics customer service department handled my problem. But rather than rush to take back this defective smart phone from a customer, LG electronics’ customer support dragged out this whole fiasco for more than 3 months.

After a bout of anger and agony, it occurred to me that I had been blindsided. How on earth, in my many hours of poring over product reviews, did I miss this part about customer service? I combed all over the web and figured that it was nearly impossible to find rely on the product reviews anymore. Not many publications take the time and effort required to test and evaluate products. What’s worse, they don’t always factor in the crucial aspect of customer service quality.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could rely on a website to give us an inside scoop on what to buy and what to steer clear from, beyond relying on the obvious word of mouth?  You never know, a data-centric, startup company based out of Bengaluru could be working on this right now. After all, it seems like a task cut out for them. But, sadly, there isn’t one. But until some company comes up, even informed shoppers have to take a gamble when they buy something, hoping against hope that nothing goes awry.

This is how the idea to launch The Homeaholic came about. Through the website, my team and I aim to supply the kind of useful, authoritative information that can ease your shopping anxiety. It’s easier said than done but we’re set.

Wish us luck!


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