Best Green Tea- Products and Brands in India | Updated January 2021

We spent many hours checking out some of the best green tea sold in India, investigating several brands- popular and new, interviewing tea drinkers who know a thing or two about green tea, and reviewing expert studies to find out what makes the best cup of tea.

Taking it further, we referred to label information of products from several top green tea brands in India for the ingredients that went into making them and other related nutrition data. Find out how we picked them here.

Finally, we tried out different green tea preparations in a simple taste test to identify the best.

So what did we discover?

Although most of the green tea products we tested were a bit harsh to taste and carried slightly strong aroma, we have found that Lipton Lemon and Honey is good enough to be adjudged as the best green tea for most people in India.

Here’s why.

This thin-bodied green tea tastes great despite its bitter aftertaste, has a slightly punchy fragrance with a smooth finish, and provides a great amount of EGCG catechins without costing too much and taking too long to prepare.

Hold on. There’s something more.

If you are just getting serious about green tea and want to know all your options, we have put together a comprehensive list of best selling green tea available on the market and categorized them below.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to choose from different flavors, blends, and herbal ingredients of green tea available in India.

Featuring over 20 best green tea products from different leading Indian brands, it is a long list but something very thorough.

Read on to know your options and make a pick.

Happy drinking!

Green Tea in India- Best Products, Brands, and Reviews

Best Selling TeaLiptonBags25; 100
Top Rated Tea TetleyBags10; 30 ; 10098.5%
Pure and LooseLiptonLoose
10; 25; 100
Fresh and OriginalTetleyLoose250g
Best Tasting TeaLiptonBags25
Best Organic Green TeaOrganic IndiaLoose200 gm
Most Refreshing Green TeaLiptonBags25
Best Green Tea BagsTwiningsBags10,25,100
Best Lemon FlavorTwiningsBags10,25,100
Best Ginger FlavorTetleyBags10; 30 ; 100
Special Mint FlavorTyphooBags25
Organic Flavor Eco ValleyBags25
Best New Flavor Organic IndiaBags18
Best Herbal FlavorTyphooBags25
Slimming Green Tea Eco ValleyBags25
Best Green Tea for Weight LossIndian ChaiLoose;
50g- 1000g;
20 Bags
Best Green Tea to Substitute for Coffee Eco ValleyBags50

How We Shortlisted

We kicked things off by carrying out a research in Chennai, collecting feedback from local supermarkets and tea depots about top-selling green tea brands and products in the market that most people approved of.

It was a bit challenging at the start but we figured it out eventually. But the findings were not simple to establish.

Reports from different localities in Chennai suggested different things but we were able to find out what were the top selling green tea products and why, thus eliminating brands and products that did not do well.

We were able to guess what made people fancy certain green tea brands over others. But we thought finding the favorite green tea brands shouldn’t be a mere guessing game so we decided to corroborate our study.

Wanting to cross verify our findings, we headed out online and put in many hours sifting through tens of hundreds of green tea reviews online left by tea drinkers both novice and experienced alike.

Feedback from tea connoisseurs who only swear by green tea proved to be quite helpful too. We used their recommendations and pinned down on a few premium, specially blended green tea brews in India that way.

In that process, we also learned how important it is to look at things like the tea gardens that the leaves were grown in, how fresh or young the leaves were when picked, which parts were used in preparing the tea, how processed were the leaves etc.

Without their inputs, we wouldn’t have discovered many green tea brands that we never thought existed in a market like India which is filled with a majority of black tea consumers.

Initially, we started out with a big list of 40 green tea products, some regular, some specially flavored, and some exotic- from several leading labels and many upcoming brands and exclusive green tea depots.

It didn’t take us long to realize that each product was different in some regard and that we should not eliminate them recklessly just to trim the list.

We thought through different customer profiles that existed in the market, thanks to the local supermarket research.

It helped us see certain qualities of these products that made them completely unique, and, on the other hand, certain qualities about green tea products in India that made them taste ordinary.

As was mentioned earlier, we referred to the label for ingredients and nutrition data just to identify what in them would matter to different kinds of tea drinkers and why.

This helped us prune the list to a little less than 25.

And that’s how we decided to come up with various categories of green tea and fit all those best products into them.

Disclaimer: we don’t favor any brand or product for any reason.

Best Green Tea in India

Our Picks

Best Selling Tea

Indians sure love their green tea with a bit of honey and lemon. Here is the proof: a best selling tea with the same honey and lemon combination straight from the stable of Lipton.

This anti-oxidant rich green tea supposedly gives you approximately 80 mg of catechins. That means just one cup of drink will keep you going for many hours.

Top selling Indian green tea

If you do not like the taste of raw green tea and have shied away from tasting it for the same reason, it might be a good idea to buy this Lipton green tea for two reasons.

For one, its natural flavors offset the astringent taste of green tea. But more than that, drinking this tea is a great way to get your dose of instant energy, without all that unwanted sugar or caffeine.

An FSSAI-certified product, it comes in a pack of 25 or 100 tea bags.

Top-Rated Tea

If you are looking for an easy way to get your green tea fix, go ahead and buy this one. Well, over a thousand reviews can’t be wrong.

Loaded with 98.5% green tea, a single serving of this Tetley tea will give you loads of catechins, polyphenols, and the all-important feel-good factor of tasting good-quality tea.

Contains no artificial ingredients or sweetening agents, so you get to taste pure tea with natural added flavor. An FSSAI Certified product, this is one of the few green tea in the market to have the prestigious Rainforest Alliance Seal.

Comes in a pack of 10, 30 and 100 separately packed polyethylene tea bags.

Highly rated green tea in India

Overall, Tetley’s uplifting green tea is completely natural, tastes great, has no caffeine, and provides great health benefits when paired with proper exercise and good nutrition.

A special word of mention to Tetley for giving the ancient combination of lemon and honey a new zest.

Pure and Loose Tea

Green tea specially brewed from loose tea leaves might not please your taste buds but it definitely does a world of good to your overall health.

That’s what Lipton Pure & Light is all about: simple green tea for purists. And nothing about anything else- special ingredients, natural flavors etc. No wonder why it manages to keep out the competition from the other loose leaf green tea sold here.Pure green tea in IndiaIt is great to try especially if you have come to like the real bitter taste of freshly brewed green tea. Best loose leaf green tea in IndiaFor those that like the aroma and subtle natural flavors of special herbs and roots, this might not be a good choice. You may want to stay away from this one. 

Many green tea reviews online concur that this Lipton tea might not be as good as the one that Tetley offers. Still, some say otherwise. But overall, if you are into brewing loose leaf te, give this a try. It might be worth it.

It can be bought as a 100g or 200g pack. Also comes in sealed tea bags, for that extra convenience.

Tea enthusiasts, in general, do not fancy the idea of bags, but, at times, it doesn’t hurt to be more practical. If you are having a hard time fitting a tea kettle and strainer in your bag, remember you can enjoy the same flavor and quality of this pure green tea with the convenience of tea bags.

Fresh and Original Tea

What comes to your mind when you think of proper green tea?

Tea leaf? Bags? Powder?

Well, if you have almost given up on tea bags, I give you this.

Longleaf green tea from Tetley stands out with its taste, aroma, and concentration. No, it’s not just me, more than five hundred green tea reviews online say the same of this tea. green tea with fresh aroma and tasteThe leaves are fresh, have a pleasantly strong aroma and lend a pure and clean taste to the infusion when added to correctly boiled water. Steeping the leaves for too long spoils the taste a bit. But when done properly, the tea has a full and pleasing flavor, with a bit of bitterness that lingers on your tongue.

But what works for me is that this tea allows you to taste the real goodness of green tea without all that extra flavors and artificial ingredients. And that’s a positive for people like me who love to make their own brew.

Overall, a great tea for the price. There are better green teas out there but they don’t come as cheap.

Best Tasting Green Tea

Mint Burst, in particular, is such a well-blended tea specially tailored to suit the taste of those that like to have mint teas.

It has a mild mint odor and is very refreshing to take in. Some users vouch for its taste and aroma while some say that the mint flavor is so strong that it makes the natural quality of this green tea imperceptible.

Regardless, it has a good aroma and that’s a plus.

While the jury is divided on the flavor and taste, I can confidently say that this is one of the tastiest green teas in India. For me, it has a pretty good balance of green tea and mint that makes drinking it such a refreshing experience.Green Tea with Amazing Taste

Certain blends add a little something to plain green tea, and this scented mint flavor is definitely one of that.

Overall, a must-buy if you are someone who loves to play with different flavors to find a taste you like.

Best Organic Green Tea

Few foods and beverages have a reputation for beating stress quite like green tea. But, tulsi tea, in particular, is quite popular for its ability to reduce stress levels and help relax the mind.

How about a tea with Tulsi flavor? Organic India now offers just that. Credit to the growing Indian brand for coming up with an organic blend with therapeutic effects like this.

Best organic green tea in India

If you are wondering how consuming Tulsi green tea can help you get healthier, stop wondering. The benefits of consuming green tea containing a natural herbal blend are matchless.

In addition to helping you relax, Tulsi can treat skin and hair disorders, provide a balance to swinging hormone levels, and keep diabetes in check, thus helping to balance sugar levels in the blood.

The tulsi aroma is quite strong so just a sip is good enough to bring a calming effect to you. It is not too much but some of you might find it a bit overpowering for your liking. It has a very thin taste,

Overall, this is a good daily brew if you prefer organic teas.

Most Refreshing Indian Green Tea

There is nothing more refreshing and intriguing than the lemon tea. But for some of us, lemon tea is not quite enough.

Lipton, arguably one of the best Indian green tea brands, has come up with a blend with a hit combination of tangy lemon and other scented flavors.Indian green tea with refreshing taste A typical green tea blend made with fresh lemon for a fuller flavor, its bergamot and peach notes combine well to balance the naturally bitter taste of the tea.

As the name goes, the tangy finish gives plain green tea some zest and leaves you feeling great. Such is the effect of the lemon flavor, it will hit you even before you take the first sip of your tea.

That being said, it might not be a good choice for green tea lovers who want to experience something special and are always on the lookout for something different.

But it surely has that magical citrus burst to turn your otherwise ordinary day into a happier one. Slurp it up.

Best Green Tea Bags 

For a bagged tea, the quality of this green tea is remarkable. It is a lot different to other standard green tea bags stacked up in the aisles of the supermarkets.

If reviews of Indian green tea drinkers are anything to go by, it has impressed a lot of people with its authentic brew, unflavored aroma and a natural aftertaste. No wonder it is getting more and more popular.

Green tea bags

Look closely and you will find that it has everything to keep you feeling more energetic and to give you a sense of well being. It is less processed, doesn’t contain sweeteners or any artificial ingredients of that sort, and is packed with antioxidants that help to get rid of stress and give your mind and body a rejuvenating effect. That is precisely what you look for in a cuppa green tea.

Well, at first, it does seem like the tea is a little overpriced but it delivers a rich green tea drinking experience.

To sum up, this Twinings green tea gives you a wonderful taste with a natural delicate flavor.

Green Tea with Best Flavors


If you have always hesitated to sip green tea for its taste, but didn’t want to miss out on the health benefits, here is a lovely green tea from the stable of reputed British tea giant.

Twinings has given a nice lemon punch to plain green tea, and it tastes great.

Best green tea with lemon This Twinings tea is quite refreshing, and you can feel the citrusy punch of lemon as you try to take a sip of the cup. Yes, it does feel bitter a wee bit, but it is completely drinkable, unlike other lemon flavored green teas I have tasted in the past. Perhaps that is due to the lemony flavor, or maybe the conditions of the tea gardens that these leaves were sourced from.

Overall, this Twinings tea is tasty, refreshing, and great value for money. You’ll find yourself drinking this every now and then even if you are not a regular green tea drinker.


The classic combination of Ginger and Mint is a natural way to soothe your stomach. Props to Tetley for creating a lovely blend that has all the right ingredients to help you stay in good health.

True to its label, this lemon flavored tea leaves you with an invigorating feeling. Having said that, some of you might find the ginger flavor a bit subtle, and the mint flavor a bit overpowering for your liking. That’s not a deal breaker though.

With absolutely zero traces of fat and no sugar, this FSSAI certified product is still right up there among the good green teas with superior flavors. Classic ginger green tea IndiaLow on caffeine and loaded with 98.8% catechins, this is definitely one of those good quality green teas available in the Indian market that promote good health with good taste.

Comes in a pack of 10, 30 and 100 tea bags.

Special Mint

Mint tea is very popular in Morocco. Thanks to Typhoo, a renowned UK tea brand, you can savor that special experience by tasting this green tea in India.

With zero added sugar and artificial ingredients, this tea has the most authentic feel and flavor to it. Add some freshly picked mint leaves and sugar (or honey if that’s your thing) and it could be the closest it can get to the real Moroccan mint tea.

Special mint green tea

The tea is generally sweet and fragrant with a bit of underlying bitterness. While some green tea reviews online show that people are happy about the aroma and taste of this tea, a few advised not to steep the bag in hot water for more than a couple of minutes.

Overall, the tea has a good base and makes a good infusion. It delivers a great tea tasting experience for a tea bag and that’s more important.

I love my mint tea and am pretty satisfied with the taste and scent of what this tea has to offer. I’m sure you all mint lovers will be.


Made by Eco Valley, an up-and-coming Indian green tea brand, this is a high-quality tea featuring healthy herbs such as Ginger and Mulethi.

Boasting green tea polyphenols, ginger, lemon, and mulethi (liquorice root) as its main active ingredients, this Eco Valley product is loaded with antioxidant and diuretic properties.

And that means this green tea can assist with concentration, help lower the odds of certain cancers, and present you with some good cardiovascular health.Indian green tea with organic flavorMulethi, in particular, is believed to contain active compounds capable of curing skin diseases, as well as compounds that help improve digestion and supercharge your immune system.

Lemon and ginger gives it a bit of zest and mulethi a sweet aftertaste, so this tea helps you with your sugar cravings.

The slight hint of ginger lemon and mulethi masks the natural smell of raw green tea. In addition, this tea can be a good choice for people who look for light green tea with less bitterness.

On the whole, this green tea has a good flavor and an inviting aroma, and is loaded with a lot of tea goodness. This should be kept in your drawer at work.

Best New Flavor

In India, you can find different green tea products with different flavors. But nothing comes close to the rich taste and flavor that authentic earl grey tulsi green tea flavor can provide.

Earl grey has long been one of the traditional warming drinks in the UK and credit to Organic India for coming out with a superior blend, combining the freshness of Tulsi with refreshing earl grey tea.

For those who don’t know, earl grey has a strong flavor and citrus aroma. In this blend, earl grey pairs well with Tulsi and green tea. It works its real magic when blended into a delicate infusion. The tea is not overly sweet but totally refreshing to drink so if you have always hated green tea for its bitterness these flavors will work for you. Sweeten it with honey for best results.

New green tea flavor india

The earl grey and tulsi influence in this tea is a bit too much so a word of caution to those who normally use two tea bags instead of one.

Pretty good appearance, clear as well. Delicate, not overpowering, tulsi flavor. This has all the refreshing qualities one looks for in a cuppa Indian green tea. Just one sip of tea will be good enough to revive all your senses thanks to the refreshing citrus aroma and delicate flavor.

Put simply, it brings out the true magic of an authentic earl grey tea to give you a refreshing break.


If you’re bored with making green tea with commonly available flavors in India such as lemon, honey, tulsi etc, you need to give yourself a break and try an absolutely new flavor. This can be something as refreshing as the lemongrass tea from Typhoo, one of Britain’s oldest and most favored tea brands.

Typhoo has literally taken your normal tea game to another level with this spicy lemongrass tea. It is quite easy to make, free from caffeine and all the artificial ingredients that somehow find their way into tea these days, and thanks to its inherent spice factor, more refreshing than your average green tea blend available in India. Unlike certain flavors, which run the risk of leaving an overpowering taste, this lemongrass tea from Typhoo has a more subtle taste to it.

Indian green tea with herbal flavor
There’s an obvious hint of lemongrass in this infusion but it depends on how heavy it might be for you. I like teas with gentle aroma and it wasn’t too strong for my liking.

Taking lemongrass green tea is a herb with great medicinal properties and it can do a world of good for you- it has been shown to treat heart disease, keep sugar levels from shooting up, assist with digestion, and fight symptoms of insomnia. All these benefits aside, this green tea gives you loads of antioxidants to get through the day.

In conclusion, this is one of the special green teas in India thanks to its unique choice of herb. It is subtle and absolutely drinkable, and it gives the plain-old green tea a different dimension/taste.

Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Best Green Tea for Health in India

Slimming Tea

Well, if you are considering drinking green tea to burn fat and get slim fast, this one should be a part of your daily diet. Blended with a tart lemony flavor, this green tea could be a delight to your senses and a blessing to your body.

Packed full of green goodness, this tea boasts of high concentration of antioxidant-full catechins proven to promote good cardiac health, aid digestion, and reduce stress- all things that contribute to your slimming down.

As the name indicates, the citrusy punch of lemon and other flavoring substances like bergamot come through more effectively than in many other lemon green teas sold in India.

The lemony flavor, though, is a little bit on the stronger side and takes a bit of natural flavor off of the green tea. Anyway, it doesn’t spoil the tasting experience one bit and you will surely relish every time you take a sip of this tea.

The tea bags are well sealed, staple-free and are made from non-bleach paper- which is a good thing. The bags were pretty strong for me so I had to add water as prescribed to make it a delicate infusion. Your mileage may vary.

Overall, this specially made green tea has all the right elements to make a very good green tea that you can drink and feel good about.

Weight Loss Green Tea

Shout out to all you weight watchers out there.

Made from carefully picked leaves from fresh tea gardens, this Indian Chai tea is a rich source of catechins, compounds with high antioxidative properties. In addition to such benefits, it is a great thing to drink especially if you are on a diet program to cut down on excess weight.

Green tea for weight loss

In terms of taste and aroma, it is not too strong and has a very delicate flavor. It doesn’t have any of those artificial sweeteners or ingredients that make green tea a little bitter-free to taste. So if you don’t appreciate the taste of plain green tea, add honey to taste. Or, use sugar as required. If you’re using honey, make sure you add it while the tea is hot. Otherwise, it will sit stubbornly in the bottom of the cup.

Overall, it is a very refreshing drink and if you are enamored by the fad of taking green tea for weight loss in India this could very well become your new staple drink.

Coffee Substitute

Drinking a glass of green tea blended with dandelion, spearmint, and mint extracts may be a great idea to detox your liver, add a calming effect to your nervous system, and help you become healthier overall. But it is certainly a new idea. At least in this part of the world.

Thanks to Eco Valley, one of the popular green tea brands in India, you can sample the unique combination of dandelion and mint flavor in natural green tea.

Dandelion flavored Green Tea in India

Dandelion is known for being a great substitute for coffee and a liver-friendly one at that. Mint has a fair share of health benefits on offer for you. And green tea, with its abundant supply of antioxidant-rich polyphenols, is a nourishing way to get your day started. All things considered, this tea is well suited for those looking to break their coffee habit and moderate their caffeine consumption.

This tea is unique in that it has a rare blend of herbs compared to many similar herbal blends of green tea available in the Indian market. It has got an appealing aroma and good after-taste (not too bitter). Personally, I think it might be the best green tea for people that are looking to drink less coffee and keep their caffeine levels in check.

Overall, dandelion and mint with green tea is a lovely combination and you need to try it to believe it.

Top Green Tea Brands in India

Green tea keeps gaining popularity in the Indian market and that means there is a lot of products out there- from established brands like Tetley, Lipton etc, and also upcoming players like Organic India, Eco Valley, Tea box and the like.

Here are some of the best tea brands selling green tea in India.

Top Rated Brands


One of the established green tea brands in the subcontinent, Tetley is the current market leader in this segment. And Tetley has come a long way from its modest beginning of introducing different flavours of green tea bags.

Since its launch in India way back in 2001, Tetley, has continued to grow into a bigger and better brand, stamping its authority with an impressive line-up of different kinds of green tea for Indian audience and adapting fairly well to their palates.

And, it comes as no surprise that Tetley takes top honors in this list of best teas.


The health benefits of green tea are too good to ignore. But they hardly matter when the tea, in its raw form, is barely drinkable at all.

Lipton gets this.  This is why it swears on making fragrant and tasty blends with a touch of scented flavors and herbal notes so you don’t have to endure drinking green tea but really enjoy it.

Some of the Lipton green tea flavors available in the market such as Tulsi Natura, and Magnificent Matcha deserve special mention.


Tetley, Lipton and the likes don’t impress you? Perhaps, you have had a taste of some of their best teas but you are not quite sold yet. Maybe time to step back and look at something totally new..

With its wide selection of green tea, Twinings, is giving many green tea brands in India a run for their money.  A trusted tea brand in the UK, Twinings claims that all of their tea products are carefully prepared from finely sourced blends of green tea leaves procured from trusted tea estates in Asia.

Looks like you can’t go wrong with Twinings, which has upheld the tradition of serving good tea for over 300 years now.


Typhoo India has a wide range of tea products to cater for all your tea tastes.

Eco Valley

Are you interested in trying different organic green tea products in India but rather fancy buying instant tea bags for the convenience? You should give Eco Valley Pure a try.  

I’m quite impressed by the selection of green teas that Eco Valley has put out there on the Indian market in such a short span of time.

Important Benefits of Green Tea

That morning cup of coffee might give you an instant bolt of energy but what good has it done for you of late? Think about drinking green tea instead: it gives you caffeine’s energy punch, but also has a wide array of health benefits.

According to scientists and herbalists who examine these things, switch over to good old, rich, traditional green tea and you might find a great deal of change in you: you might find yourself free of cancer and cardiovascular condition, or perhaps even pregnant, if you’re so inclined. Slather a cream with green tea extract on and you can have that healthy glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

Many doctors recommend green tea to their patients as part of a natural, healthy diet regime. But why?

Green tea has an impressive resume other herbs and beverages would kill for.

The Goodness of Green Tea

Experts say that Green tea contains a good amount of catechins and flavonols, substances that are reported to have extremely good anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial, and antitumor properties.

In fact, green tea also has a rich supply of polyphenols which have been found to be stronger than the popular vitamins C and E, the antioxidant powerhouses. If you’re not sure what antioxidants do, they fight free radicals, which are known to play a huge role in causing many diseases from common cold in kids to chronic pain in adults.

Green tea also helps in maintaining the levels of nervous system messengers that keep you functioning at an optimum level. This results in more calories being burned through changes in muscle and breathing metabolism.

Green Tea Benefits


It’s no surprise that caffeine is quite helpful to endurance athletes, and several studies have already shown that coffee is packed with antioxidants. But do you know that green tea has both of those things and possibly more? It is time to point you to a Japanese study in which a group of mice were given green tea for exactly 10 weeks. And, the results were shocking. Their endurance increased by 24 percent. Nobody could put a finger on why it happened. Although it’d be ridiculous to see similar results in humans, one could argue that the stimulants in green tea shift your fat-fighting metabolism into top gear. When your body uses fatty acids, you’re sparing carbs. What’s the end result? Increase in endurance.

Adding to the list of green tea benefits, the green wonder has also been found to prevent tooth decay, and fight ultraviolet rays induced skin cancer. Drinking green tea makes tooth enamel stronger, tougher, and way more resistant to corrosive foods, and there is enough evidence that it fights infectious gum disease. Green tea is quite easier on your stomach and heart than coffee which can cause an increase in blood pressure and raise acid-reflex response.

Fat burning

Green tea is an authentic fat burner because it’s loaded with a special antioxidant called EGCG that stimulates thermogenesis- the mechanism by which your body uses fat as fuel- and increases resting metabolism. Several studies supplement this claim but there’s a famous Dutch study that confirmed Green Tea’s fat burning properties. A group of Dutch researchers recruited 66 people for a study, made them lose weight, and then asked them to take either a placebo pill or a 270 mg green tea capsule for the next 12 weeks. In the end, the group who took green tea supplements continued to lose weight, whereas the placebo group somehow regained their flab.

If you haven’t tossed your cup of coffee for green tea, listen up. Green tea is health protective. A Japanese study found that people who consumed four cups of green tea daily had a huge 62% lower risk of dying from strokes caused by clots. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help keep platelets- blood cells that stick together to form deadly clots- sliding safely past each other so there is a lesser chance that you’ll suffer from clots induced stroke.


In the past, women having fertility issues might have been recommended to keep tabs on their caffeine intake. But many studies suggesting that green tea might enhance fertility and help you conceive have sent women looking for the best green tea.

A study performed by researchers found that women who consumed more than half a cup of caffeinated green tea on a daily basis improved their odds of conceiving by 200%.

It’s remarkable to note that no significant association was established for other caffeinated beverages; thus the research concluded that an active ingredient of green tea other than caffeine might have increased the fertility rates in the subjects.


Green tea has become the new best friend of every beauty junkie out there. No, it’s not just a crazy beauty fad. Experimental studies imply that even topically, green tea extracts possess excellent anti-carcinogenic and ant-inflammatory properties, which could be really beneficial in treating a number of different skin orders and in preventing premature aging. Several research studies conducted on animals determine that the antioxidant agents in green tea may thwart development of serious skin cancer after exposure to harmful carcinogens.

As noted earlier, the polyphenols from green tea also help shield your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation, thus acting as a natural sunscreen. To put it bluntly, green tea, with plenty of antioxidants, may actually be able to prevent free radicals from destroying healthy cells in our body.

Feel Good Factor

Some experts look at green tea in a different way: it’s been proved time and again that stress reduction has great effects in your mind and body, so on that count alone, any product that makes you feel good about yourself is really good for you. Many manufacturers have a line of relaxing green tea products namely Green Tea Bath Shower Gel, Green Tea Soap, and Green Tea Body Lotion etc. Well, there are other ways for you to tea off. There are several face creams with green tea extracts that are known to keep your skin moisturised while fighting free radicals. There are oil-free green tea moisturisers that are particularly suited to people with oily skin and moisturising products with special formula that protect skin from damage when you’re out in the sun.


Want to rejuvenate dry, dull hair? There is an entire line of products out there dedicated to green tea. You could stock up on volumizing sprays, smoothing elixirs, thickening serums, shampoos, and conditioners, and bathe those damaged hair tresses in green tea extracts.

Immune System

Green tea improves the way the immune system functions, as it is supposed to stimulate better immunity power through active B-cells, which combat infection by producing antibodies and building lymphatic tissues.

Fights Cholesterol

Green tea might even help you attain longevity. Researchers have concluded that consuming flavonoid-rich foods like green tea might reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. Well-known green tea researchers suggest that Americans have started drinking more green tea after several studies indicated it increases the level of good HDL cholesterol while lowering the level of bad LDL which is responsible for arteriosclerosis and other conditions where blood vessels are clogged.

Closing Thoughts

With various flavors and several health benefits on offer, this is the best time to get into drinking green tea for all Indians.

As you can see, there really is something for everyone’s palate whether you are looking for a green tea with incredibly balanced flavor, or soothing herbal blends, or a simple restorative drink that gives you a refreshing break.

Go ahead and give green tea a try. And thank me later.

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